Joining the Jade Scuba Adventures team was the best decision I made in accelerating my scuba diving skills. Ashley and Jake are down- to-earth and have a genuine concern for all of their students.They are extremely knowledgeable and make you feel safe and at ease…like one big happy scuba family!

Marcie Stoddard

When it comes to something as skilled and detailed as learning how to scuba dive, you are not going to want to look any further. Without hesitation based on my experience with Jade Scuba Adventures, you are going to want to invest in working with this local dive shop. I always say quality over quantity, especially when it comes to something important like your health, safety and learning the proper way to dive. And JSA is of the highest quality you can find in Southern California.

Jade Scuba Adventures owners Jake and Ashley were above and beyond patient, accommodating, upbeat, knowledgeable, and went out of their way to make this experience memorable. Both Ashley and Jake have an infectious personality and it is evident that they have a passion for what they do!

I LOVED learning that they support our local community by partnering with local nonprofits such as Project Aware, where they volunteer their time and resources to cleaning and preserving our oceans.

More importantly working with JSA you can instantly sense their DEDICATION to their business, their craft, the community and the environment. But really the most note-worthy element is their dedication to their clients. JSA you rock!


Daniel A.

1. Great instructors, very knowledgeable and very patient.

2. Very accomedating and will work with you patiently to develop the skills neccessary to become a good diver.

3. Train with new or newish gear that meant to make things easier for new drivers to focus on developing their skills.

4. Prices are very reasonable for the quality of the training you receive and the time they put in to train you.

My girlfriend and I were recommended to use JSA (Jade Scuba Adventures) by a friend to get our Open Water diving certification.

Scheduling: I have a trip coming up out of the country and I had a very short time to get my training done. Jake and Ashley were so very patient with me scheduling and going back and forth with me on the phone to make things work with my crazy schedule and my girlfriend’s.

Pool Training: both Jake and Ashely were very knowledgeable, patient and had no problem explaining things more than once. Their calm demeanor is contagious and their jokes and smiles make it easy to relax. The training was fun with little games like the mask game.

Ocean portion: Jake met with us early in the morning at Catalina Express with all of our scuba gear. After dragging the gear on to the ferry we got to sit, relax and talk about scuba and the island. Once we arrived we unloaded the gear and headed to the Diver’s Park. We put our gear together, threw them on and Jake showed us how to enter the water… after a little snorkeling and above the surface training, Jake took us underwater to our first breaths in the ocean, stepping into a whole new breath taking world. My girlfriend unfortunately had a hard time doing her dive, Jake was beyond patient with her, working on calming her down and taking the time to get her to relax. While she was underwater she had a moment where she freaked out because water had entered her mask and went through her nose, Jake swam up to where he was in front of her and helped her calm down to breath. On one of my dives I got to see a huge Black Sea Bass it was awesome.

At the end of the day, we weren’t hanging out with our instructor we were hanging out with a new friend and a dive buddy. We can’t wait to go diving with these guys again.


Jaylene Brewer

Both Ashley and Jake are very friendly and patient people… I’ve had a few problems getting stuff down in the learning process and they both took their time teaching me the different ways I can use to make it easier for me… Ashley was super patient with me even after I would want to wait a few minutes to feel comfortable as well as pushed me into knowing I could be a good diver and get the skills down… I’m definitely excited that I will be able to continue to dive with them and learn new things… if you’re looking into diving I definitely recommend going with Jade Scuba Adventures!!!
(Google Reviews and Yelp)

Ericka G.

My family LOVED the experience Jake and Ashley so graciously provided to them! Jake is such a natural teacher! Thanks a million 💕🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼💕 (From Instagram)

Samuel T.

One of the most knowledgeable, helpful, and kindest customer service I’ve ever experienced

I recently went to Jade Scuba Adventures to get CPR certified, and expand my Scuba knowledge. What I found was one of the most knowledgeable, helpful, and kindest customer service I’ve ever experienced. Ashley and Jake are patient, genuine, and are concerned with the safety of everyone. Their training can mean the difference between a safe dive, being able to save a life… and the worst. They ensure you are prepared for all challenges that could be faced in the water.  I would definitely recommend Jade Scuba Adventures for any beginner who is looking for a fun and safe environment to start their scuba Journey. They are even great for those experienced divers looking for a new adventure, brush up on their training, or even just to find some new scuba friends. (Testimonial from Yelp review)

Mischa W.

I’m so glad I chose Jade Scuba to take my diving to the next level

I cannot wait to attend the Women’s Dive Day trip with Jade Scuba Adventures. I’m currently working on my Advanced Open Water Certification with Jade Scuba and it’s been a blast so far! I feel confident and safe navigating underwater-plus the staff are fun, hilarious, and informative.  (Testimonial from our website)

Christina G.

Definitely great training!

Thanks to Ashley Arnold for AWSOME help with dry suit! Really made a difference.  Definitely great training!  (Testimonial from Facebook review)