First Aid Kits

All of our kits are built for anyone to use, whether you’re a diver or not.  They all contain a mixture of bandages, skin preparation and disinfection, and basic medications.  We obtain all of our first aid kits through Dive 1st Aid.  Click on each kit to learn more!

scuba-diver_hard-and-soft_1000xScuba Diver Kit

Standard portable first-aid kit

From $24.98


advanced-diver_hard-and-soft_1000xAdvanced Diver Kit

Everything above, plus eye wash, eye drops, shears, and more

From $62.33


rescue-diver_hard-and-soft_1000xRescue Diver Kit

Everything above in increased quantities, plus instruments and supplied to handle everything from small cuts to major bleeding.

From $109.95


dive-master_hard_1000xDivemaster Kit

Handle minor cuts to major bleeding, over the counter medications, splint, shears, tourniquet, and more.

From $222.89


instructor_hard_1000xInstructor Kit

Everything above plus more.  Full pill bottles instead of sample packets for over the counter medications.  Take care of your students or family the right way.

From $327.13


proO2backpack_hard-and-backpack_1000xPro O2 Kit

Everything above, plus a M-7 Oxygen tank, variable 15 lpm regulator, and a non-rebreather O2 mask.

From $718.73


complete-care-hard_1000xComplete Care Kit

Everything above (including O2 supplies) and a fully working AED.  Comes in a sturdy waterproof case.

From $2,994.79