About Us


Ashley Arnold


SDI Course Director

Ashley is an SDI Instructor since 2019 and Course Director since 2022. She has been teaching scuba through other agencies since 2014. She is an SDI Scubility Buddy and Instructor. She has been working in various forms of adaptive sports and recreation for over 10 years. Ashley has many ways to get the same skill across to her clients. She’s happy to just go for a dive with you and give a few tips or so full courses with you. Whatever your scuba needs are, Ashley will be there to guide you on your path to success.

Ashley served our country for 11 years in the Army and the Tennessee National Guard.  She completed 2 tours of duty in Iraq and 1 in Afghanistan.  When she left the armed forces, Ashley found Scuba diving as a form a treatment for PTSD and nerve pain.  She became an instructor to share Scuba diving with the Veteran community. Ashley has taught diving in Utah, California, Washington and Nevada.


Jake Fitzgerald


SDI Instructor

Jake is an SDI Instructor since 2019 and has been teaching scuba since 2017 through other agencies. He is an SDI Scubility Buddy. Jake has expertise in teaching underwater navigation and full face mask diver with or without comms. He has experience with a wide variety of underwater conditions with water temperatures from 118F to 30F, visibility from 100’ to less than 6”, dry suits, 7mm and 3mm wetsuits, and many other specialties.

Prior to entering the underwater world, Jake served his local communities in Orange County in Law Enforcement and as an Emergency Medical Technician.  Jake fell in love with diving quickly and gained significant experience quickly. He decided after 6 months of diving that he wanted to share his new passion with others through becoming an instructor.


Jade Scuba Adventures is Veteran owned and a proud member of the Rosie Network.  Click here to learn more.