Samayyah Williams

I’ve really enjoyed and appreciated working with Ashley. Not only is she highly experienced, but she’s also extremely patient. She is safety oriented, first and foremost, and is a devout believer in EVERYONES being able to dive. Truthfully, her pricing is higher than what you will see out there, but at the end of the day, youre paying for her expertise, peace of mind, and comfort. Many instructors out there will have you swimming in the freezing tundra of Puget Sound wearing nothing but a wetsuit and expect you to last longer than 10 minutes. Ashely don’t play that. If you’re not comfortable, you’re not safe, and you shouldn’t be diving. With her, you’ll be getting wet and dry suit training, confined and open water training, and online and in person lessons. She’s the full package. BONUS! She rolls around in this super kickass van that is fully stocked with all your scuba needs, including hot water after you complete the dive for the day. Trust me when I say, Jade Scuba is the place you want to sign with if you’re serious about scuba.