Katherine O’Leary-Cole

I’ll be honest, I didn’t care for Ashley Arnold when we first met.

I thought she was a “know it all,” or perhaps I was just intimidated because she made me question the quality of my diving practice & knowledge. Well, I sucked it up (thanks to years of practice in the restaurant industry & the experience of recently changing careers!) and decided to learn from her so that I could advance my diving goals. I’m so glad I did!

Today was an amazing day of diving! I was not particularly thrilled to wake up at 4AM to drive to Port Orchard to carpool to Seattle, but the day made up for it! While the weather was perfect and visibility was amazing (15-20 feet), the coaching and patience I received while perfecting my demonstration-level skills in neutral buoyancy (on video!) was the best part of the day!

I originally got into diving for the personal challenge aspect, I fell in love with the underwater world & I get further into diving because of the people. I’m thrilled to spend more time diving with this special instructor. Thank you for everything!!