Scuba Diver Kit


$24.98 – Soft Case
$48.29 – Hard Case

  • Great way to be prepared for minor injuries
  • Care for stings, burns and allergic skin reactions
  • Treat minor pains, dehydration and motion sickness
  • Includes a water resistant clam shell case

This entry level kit is a great way to ensure you are prepared for minor injuries and illness.

This kit is loaded with all the supplies you will need to care for wounds from bleeding control, cleaning and disinfecting, to covering the wound. Included in this kit are topical medications to care for stings, burns and minor allergic skin reactions, as well as medications to handle electrolyte loss, minor aches and pains, allergic reactions and motion sickness.

Available in a water resistant clam shell or a Seahorse© waterproof hard case, this small but mighty kit will help you handle almost anything that comes your way.

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