1st Anniversary Dive Against Debris Wrap Up

It’s been a crazy couple of months. This is long overdue, but better late than never!

I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since our first ever Dive Against Debris. Since then, we have adopted Long Beach Bayshore as our official Dive Against Debris site and hosted this event monthly. This past September 14th, we celebrated that commitment to cleaning up our community. But we’re not celebrating us. No, we’re celebrating all of you who have volunteered your weekends to come out and make a change. Without you, none of this would be possible.

This celebration was the largest event we have ever hosted. We were both ecstatic and terrified at the amount of people signing up. Everything went well though, thanks to our team of sponsors and volunteers.

Attendants started out with check-in on the beach and a review of how and why we collect debris. Divers then geared up, buddy’d up, and went into the water while our volunteers topside went out with their buckets and grabbers. Everything collected was brought back, sorted, and reported to Project Aware and Ocean Conservancy.

After the cleanup, everyone enjoyed an after party with a live band by School of Rock Huntington Beach and catering by California Creationz. All in all, it was a great day! I couldn’t have asked for more.

About 75 participants came out on Sept. 14, a 50/50 split of divers in the water and non-divers cleaning up on the sand. Here’s the final statistics for the day:

  • Approximately 30 pounds of total debris collected: 25 from the beach and 5 from underwater
  • Over 3000 individual pieces of debris and trash collected
  • 345 pieces of underwater debris carefully collected from our scuba divers
  • Winner of most unique item was an unopened Michelob Ultra, later enjoyed by yours truly. Thank you Thomas!

This event would not have been possible by the following sponsors who donated their time and money to make this event not only happen, but happen for free for all attendees! A big thank you to:

Seavengers recently found out about our Dives Against Debris and have been coming out in force to help clean up our beaches. They helped sponsor this event and came out with a team which collected quite a bit of debris from the sand. They have also partnered with Project Aware and will match donations made through their website! A little bit about them:

At Seavenger, we believe that the power of adventure is found in the people you share it with. Whether you’re exploring the underwater world, waiting on the perfect wave or spending a weekend on the boat, the moments you create with loved ones are the building blocks of a life well-lived.

Our watersport gear is designed for free spirits of all generations, fostering a love of the ocean in old souls and young hearts alike. We believe that company barbecues, family vacations and weekend getaways with friends are always better by the sea.

Created to encourage connection and inspire community, Seavenger swims with you in the little moments that make life an adventure. 


Project Aware has been with us from the start. They have donated their time and debris bags to help out our events. Plus, they created the Dive Against Debris Diver specialty we teach and preach. They raise awareness worldwide about the debris problems in our ocean and how to help. If you’re getting scuba training through PADI, make sure you opt in to the Project Aware card with a small donation. It goes to a good cause and gives you a stylish card to show off!

School of Rock – Huntington Beach was a huge hit at the event. A band made up of their students came out and rocked so hard, boats were stopping and blocking the Marina! Every song finished with a round of applause. Seriously, they rocked. They have a ton of great programs for all ages, check em out!

Everyone loves food, but California Creationz took it to a new level. It was a huge hit with everyone. Their taco bar was devoured by all, yet there was still a bunch more leftover. They brought more than enough. Ashley and I took some home and fed our neighbors. If you’re looking for a good caterer, check them out!

Sorry if I forgot anyone. If you missed the event, don’t fret! We still host monthly Dive Against Debris dives and will have another big event next year!

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