Dive Against Debris 9 June 2019

Thank you to our wonderful team of volunteers joining us at the beach!

12 divers and 2 beach cleaners came out to Bayshore Beach in Long Beach, CA on 9 June 2019 to help clean our beaches and oceans. 80 pieces of marine debris were pulled from the ocean, weighing in at 6 pounds, along with 411 pieces of debris found, weighing 3.9 pounds, on the beach.

CPT. Charlie from a local non-profit, Algalita, came out to say hi to our ocean lovers and give a short talk about our oceans. He started Algalita 25 years ago when he first saw the issues with pollutants and chemicals entering our oceans. As the problem turned to plastics he changed the focus to plastics. He spoke about the importance of the data recorded through our Dive Against Debris events in helping push policy change. However, he reminded us that this is the end of the problem and the solution is at the beginning of the process. Cpt. Charlie reminded us that we have the power to assist in the change at the beginning of the chain by choosing to not purchase and use single use plastics.

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