Anacapa Island Diving

Did we mention that our professionals love to go out diving – just for the fun of diving and exploration? Well, our staff closed shop for the day on Saturday, 30 June 2018 and did exactly that! We took a day to head north and dive off the Spectre Dive Boat out of Ventura, CA.

Enough about us, you want to hear about the dive.

Date: 30 June 2018

Time: 0903 PST (First entry), #2 1113 PST, #3 1327 PST

Location: Anacapa Island: #1: Cathedral Cove, #2 Canyons, #3 Garden Spot

Max Depth: #1 29′, #2 32′, #3 41′

Dive time: #1 64 min, #2 70 min, #3 61 min

About the dives: Spanish Shawl were everywhere! Dive 1 had a group of Porter’s Chromodoris hanging out on a rock. The reefs were teaming with life and thick with kelp. The kelp here was so thick you had to be slow in your motions to not get caught. Even with that, we all untangled a fin or two of each other throughout each dive. Dive #2 had a Hopkin’s Rose and Spanish Shawl nudibranch everywhere you turned. Dive #3 had a Striped Sea Hare blending in well with the rocky reef around it-it was a splotched, lighter color brown than we normally see around the Laguna Beach area. Oh yeah, and plenty of Spanish Shawl everywhere. Dive 1 offered a very playful California Sea Lion to play with us as we were heading back into the boat for the max dive time 60 min the boat crew requested. Dive 2 offered a pair of playful Harbor Seals taste testing our fins. Soon as you looked at them, they swam off. The Harbor Seals were much more shy than the California sea lions. Dive #3 offered a significant current until you get into the kelp. As it was not a drift dive, you had to swim hard to get through the current into the protection of the kelp. Once in the kelp, the current subsided significantly and you could hang out and observe the reef closely.

The marine life we saw: California sheephead (terminal and initial), California spiny lobster, kelp bass, garibaldi, blacksmith, rock wrasse (terminal and initial), seniorita, harbor seal, California sea lion, striped sea hare, Spanish shawl, Hopkin’s Rose, Porter’s chromodoris, smooth turban snail, blue banded goby, black eyed goby, barracuda?, black perch, kelp perch, shiner perch, halfmoon, opaleye, horned shark, giant sea bass, striped perch, Coronado sea urchin, purple sea urchin, rock scallop, California cone snail, warty sea cucumbers, giant green anemone, proliferating anemone, tube anemone, fluted bryozoan, scaled wormshell, kellet’s whelk, manacled sculpin, island kelpfish, two spotted octopus.

Photos by Joe Head, Vladimir Kovacevic, and Ashley Arnold


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