Twanoh State Park, WA

Link To Google Maps Directions

Directions: Twanoh State Park is on SR 106. Google maps found it easily. When arriving at the state park, there are three gates. Turn into the east gate or center gate. These gates are only open 15 May – 15 Sep. If you want to dive here during other months, you will park at the boat launch (west gate) and have a further walk.

Discover Pass is needed for parking – Either $10 per day or purchase the pass for the year for $30.

Dive Site Info: The dive site is from the pier (not boat launch) and swimming area on the East side of the park. You can access the water from the beach or walk off the pier. There is a ladder at the end of the pier. At low tide, it appears to be about 6’ deep at end of pier. This area is in a cove and has less current than the channel does. Dive flag recommended (possibly required) outside of swim area.

What you will See: jellies, kelp crabs, rock crabs, sand dollar beds off end of pier, moon snail eggs. (eelgrass beds. After 40’ : tube dwelling anemonies.)

Restrooms/Amenities: Public restrooms open at boat launch year round. Public restrooms near pier open 15 May – 15 Sep. Picnic areas and shelters.