Redondo – Des Moines, WA – Poverty Bay

Link to Google Map Directions

Directions: Google maps directions to Salty’s or Redondo Beach (Des Moines) both work great. When you arrive, the parking lot is on the East side of the road (Redondo Beach Dr. S.). This is across from the pier and boat launch. Parking lot is pay by hour (credit card or cash) and gates close around 8pm. (There is an exit after gate closure)

Dive Site Info: From parking, walk across the street and enter from the stairs. Stairs can be slippery and at high tide will take you straight into the water. This site did not appear to be current sensitive. The bottom substrate is pebbles/small rocks. Fin out to the corner of the building on the pier off your right and then drop on the line. Follow the underwater lines to see the different features. Watch your depth as the sloping bottom drops quickly. Max depth well beyond 85’. Visibility 15-20’, water temperature 49-50F.

What you will see: small boat wrecks, tire reef, pvc pipe reef, reef balls, VW bus, rope lines, southern rock sole, giant plumose anemone, giant sea cucumber, dungenous crab, orange sea cucumber, lewis moon snail, various rockfish, lingcod, red octopus, ochre star, poacher

Restrooms/Amenities: No public restrooms