Potlatch State Park, WA – Hood Canal

Link to Google Maps Directions

Directions: Potlatch State Park is on US-101. Google maps found it easily. Pull into the day use area to the east (water side of the highway). Park to the right side of the lot near the restrooms. Other side of US-101 is campgrounds.

Discover Pass is needed for parking – Either $10 per day or purchase the pass for the year for $30.

Dive Site Info: The dive site is from the shore. Enter the water from the picnic table area. Within the swimming area. Dive flags are not required/necessary. If you find yourself ascending past 45’ of depth, DSMB launch is encouraged. Easy shore entry with gradual sloping bottom. At low tide, eel grass bed down to 9’ and then slightly more sloping until about 15’ with less frequent eel grass. After 15’, slope increases a bit until 45’ and then the slope gets steeper. Sandy bottom drops down past 110’. Bouy line estimated to be at 30-45’ of depth at low tide. Dive site is not tide/current dependent. We dove during incoming high tide with over 3’ increase in tide during the hour- there was a very slight current, but not enough to have to swim against.

Visibility 30-40’ throughout the entire water column, water temperature 49-50F.

What you will See: abandoned crab traps, jellies, rock crabs, moon snail, eelgrass, sunflower stars, mottled se starand other types of seastars, tube anemones, giant plume anemones, bivalve clams, southern rock sole, grunt sculpin, roughback sculpin, nudibranchs, hermit crabs, bay pipefish, shrimps.

Restrooms/Amenities: Public restrooms. Picnic tables.