Port of Port Orford, OR

Link to Google Maps Location

Directions: From US 101, turn west on Harbor Dr. Cross 5th St to stay on Harbor Dr., now Dock Rd. . Park at end of parking area at end of dock near jetty. Keep driving past the Marina operations and restaurant until you get to a few parking spots at the end of the parking area. Dive from the jetty.

Dive site info: If there is any surf, then dive the inside of the jetty. If there is no surf, you can do the outside of the jetty. Be careful while moving around on the jetty as rocks may move. The rocks are relatively slippery as well. Dive the jetty heading from the Marina area towards the end of the jetty and then return. The dive begins relatively shallow and gets to about 40’ deep at end of jetty. If conditions allow, you can go around the jetty and return to the inside for exit. The depth increases again as you go down the jetty, but also gets deeper into the marina. If any dock personnel are present and/or any boat operations are under way, be respectful of the marina operations and dive away from the marina area. If no boat operations are active, then talk to dock personnel to gain permission to dive the marina area and/or use the ladders at the marina area.   Water temp in April: 46.5F.

Ashley Arnold hovering over Giant White-Plumed Metridium Anemones. Photo by Jake Fitzgerald

What you will see: Urchins- purple, red, white, Coronado; some fishes; white metridium anemones amongst other anemones; small jellies; crabs; and much more as the life returns. The harbor was dredged and jetty redone in early 2021.

Restrooms: Public restrooms are present at the beginning of the dock area.

Air fills/rentals: There are no dive shops in the area (within an hour drive that we are aware of). Bring your own gear and full tanks…. Bring a solid Save-A-Dive Kit to ensure you have no issues once you arrive.