Point Whitney – Brinnon, WA – Hood Canal

Link to Google Map Directions

Directions: 1000 Point Whitney Rd. // Brinnon, WA 98320

Park along the water’s edge after turning left at the end of the road.

Dive Site Info: From the split in the fence, enter the water. The pipe starts at 8’ during low tide but is harder to see while buried in algae and sand. If you swim out to about 20’, you will find the pipes easier. The pipe is approximately straight out from the split in the fence. It runs down to 85’. If you find some blue plastic milk crates, head north to find the pipes, you are about 30-40’ south of the pipe. Look around the cement supports for signs of Giant Pacific Octopus. They are hiding out there. If you go to the south from the pipes at 80’ or so, you will find some sea whips. Take some time during your safety stop to enjoy the shallows. Plenty of life lurking around in the algae.

What you will see: fried egg jelly, lions mane jelly,  giant pacific octopus, dungenus crab, hermit crab, northern kelp crab, graceful decorator crab, red rock crab, shiny orange sea squirt, California sea cucumber, orange sea cucumber, sunflower star, fish-eating star, mottled star, giant pink star, painted greenling, northern rock sole, plainfin midshipman, tubesnout, crescent gunnel, longfin gunnel, dover sole, short plumose anemone, giant plumose anemone, eight strand jelly, sea gooseberry, lobed comb jelly, red octopus, ring spotted dorid, Ancula spp., noble sea lemon, Monterey dorid, white and orange tipped nudibranch, spot prawn, dock shrimp, cabezon, three spined shrimp, pacific blue mussel, northern ronquil, tough yellow branching sponge, sea whips, copper rockfish, vermilion rockfish, fat gaper clam (bivalve), blue muscles

Restrooms/Amenities: restroom and picnic table.

Air Fills/Rentals: Jade Scuba Adventures – Brinnon location. Opens 10 June. Call 360-300-7810 for questions and pricing.