Monterey Bay – Lover’s Point

Link to Google Maps Location

Directions: Google maps or other app will guide you to “Lovers Point Park”. Parking time is limited during the day, so morning or evening dives are recommended at this site. However, parking was free.

Dive Site Info: you can dive from the stairs off the left of the point or the right of the point. We did the right side. The stairs are easy, but the water entry/exit was tricky with all the rockiness and seagrass to work through in the shallows. Fins on and snorkel out soon as possible to make it easier. This is an urchin barren. However, you’d be amazed how much life is still here. Water temp was 53F with 40’ visibility. Look in all the crevices and you’ll be amazed what you can find.

Amy Meier taking a photo of a Giant Spined Star, Photo by Ashley Arnold

What you will see: urchins – purple, white, red, Coronado; sea cucumbers – warty, orange; jellies, lingcod, rockfish, sea stars – giant spined, leather, ochre, bat; nudibranchs, fragile – sea goddess; top snails, giant chitin, tiny chitin, barnacles, and much more

Restrooms: port-a-potties were available in the park area.

Airfills/rentals: There is a dive shop located in the Breakwater Cove Marina as well as one on Cannery Row. There are many more dive shops throughout Monterey. We encourage setting up rental gear before arrival to ensure the shop is open early enough to not miss your dive plan.