Catalina Island Dive Day Trip

Update: Due to COVID19, our trips are being adjusted on a trip-by-trip basis. (Example: ferry times may change depending on availability). If you are interested in joining us at Catalina, please call/text/email for more information:

(714) 794-2580

Come join Jade Scuba Adventures on a trip to Catalina Island. We will be taking the 6AM ferry from Long Beach, CA to Avalon. The ferry ride takes about an hour to cross the channel. After arriving at Avalon Harbor, we will take our dive gear to have it transported to the Dive Park while we take a stroll around the harbor over to the Dive Park. Return Ferry will be the 3:50PM, arriving back at Long Beach approximately 5PM.

Casino Point Dive Park offers depths from 15’-100’ with rocky bottoms, wrecks, and kelp forests. This is a marine protected area which is able to explain the size of some of the California sheephead and other fish found in the Dive Park. The visibility averages 30’ on a “bad” day and can be up to 100’ on a really good day. Currents can be present in the dive park, primarily during the afternoon. The first dive of the day and night dives tend to have less current. Water temperatures range from the low 50s in the winter and spring months to the mid 70s in the summer months. Fall averages low 60s with the best visibility of the year.

It is likely to see kelp bass, seniorita, blacksmith, California sheephead, California scorpionfish, rainbow scorpionfish, garibaldi (California state marine fish), rock wrasse, giant seabass, california moray eels, red rock shrimp, giant spined star, fragile star, purple urchin, coranado urchin, giant kelp, along with many other types of algae, invertebrates, fish, and crustaceans.

Cost of the trip includes ferry, gear transport, and air fills. $170 per person. Rental dive gear not included. Tank/weight rental on the island not included. Parking fee is $19 per vehicle for the day (not included).
Certification requirements very based on group leader and dive plan.

Upcoming dates: Jun 28, Jul 25, Aug 29, Sep 26, Nov 1, Dec 5.
Don’t see a date that works? Call us to schedule your own day!

Contact Ashley at 714-794-2580 for details.

Reservations required.