Yukon & Ruby E Shipwrecks Nov 10

Come see some of the best known wrecks of Southern California: The Yukon and The Ruby E! Jade Scuba Adventures is hosting a trip down to the Marissa Dive Boat in San Diego to explore these amazing wrecks. Join us on November 10th for a 3 dive boat trip. Call or email to reserve your slot. Cost is $113.25 per diver, $19 for EANx for the day.

AOW or above required to sign up. Have your OW and want to go? Sign up for our AOW course! We also offer Deep and Wreck specialty courses.

(714) 794-2580 or info@jadescubaadventures.com
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Marissa Boat Nov 10 – Air

Standard air fills. Payment must be received in full to reserve your spot.


Marissa Boat Nov 10 – EANx

EANx fills. Payment must be received in full to reserve your spot.


From Marissa Boat Charters:

HMCS YUKON – DEPTH ~70ft – 105ft

HMCS Yukon is a 366′ Canadian destroyer escort. The San Diego Oceans Foundation acquired, cleaned, and prepared her for her second life as an artificial reef. In June of 2000, the Yukon unexpectedly went down the night before her planned sinking. As a result of her unplanned descent, she now lays on her Port side in about 100′ of water. Her deck lies between 65′-75’. There are large cutouts that were initially set up for divers to penetrate safely. However, since she now rests on her port side penetration is not recommended unless you are properly trained and certified to do so. The Yukon is a large ship and will take several dives to become acquainted with. Sea life is abundant on this wreck. As you descend you will see the characteristic blacksmith and señorita fish. Her sides and deck are blanketed with large white sea anemones called Metridiums. If you have a Primary light, bring it, the colors will really pop out! While on the wreck you may encounter sea lions, harbor seals, rockfish, large crabs, and several species of perch, and bass. Diving the Yukon is a great way to scuba dive San Diego, and Marissa Charters is here to give you that experience!

**Advanced Open Water Certificate or equivalent required. Recommend 15-20 logged cold water dives or hiring a Dive Master to assist (contact us, we can help).**

RUBY E WRECK – Depth: ~65ft – 85ft
The morning of July 18th, 1989 marked the day when the Ruby E would begin her new life as an artificial reef. Built during the prohibition, she served the U.S. Coast Guard for many years. Once decommissioned, she was sold and used as a commercial fishing vessel, and eventually as a drug runner. Ironically, she was confiscated by the U.S. Coast Guard, only to sell her again at auction. She sat derelict for several years until the owner allowed her to be sunk as the second artificial reef in Wreck Alley. The Ruby E sank without explosives and remarkably landed upright in the sand. She is intact and is completely covered with anemones and marine life. Although fragile, she offers some amazing opportunities for beginning penetration and wonderful sea life.