Catalina Weekend September 20-22, 2019

Come join us for a wonderful weekend at Catalina Island! 2 boat dives, 2 night dives, and 4 day dives at Casino Point.
You can expect to see a variety of fish, plantlife, and so much more underwater. You may see kelp bass, giant seabass, white seabass, garibaldi, sargo, seniorita, blue banded goby, black eyed goby, treefish, california scorpionfish, rainbow scorpionfish, california sheephead, rock wrasse, blacksmitth, halfmoon, giant kelpfish, california spiny lobster, california moray eel, two spotted octopus, bat ray, california blue dorid, hopkins rose, california golden gorgonian, brown gorgonian, kelp, saragassum, giant spined starfish, fragile starfish, salema, pile perch, grass rockfish

Parking at the ferry terminal run about $19 per day and is NOT included in the trip cost.
Cost:$550 -shared accommodations
Included: ferry, gear transportation, lodging, 2 boat dives, air fills for up to 8 dives, breakfast
Schedule: (schedule is flexible)
20 Sep: 6:30PM ferry out of Long Beach
8PM night dive, Casino Point
21 Sep: 8AM- 1PM Scuba Cat 2 dives
2:30PM : Dive at Casino Point
8:00PM- night dive Casino Point
22 Sep: 8:15AM dive, Casino Point
11AM- Casino Point dive
3PM- Casino Point dive
6:15PM ferry departure from Avalon
7:30PM return to Catalina ferry terminal- Long Beach

If you would like to head to the island Friday morning, the additional charge will be $50 to cover 3 additional dives. (6AM ferry departure from Long Beach, same Sunday return)
Rental gear will be available at $60 per day. Contact Ashley at 714-794-2580 for equipment reservations and questions.
To reserve your spot,
A deposit of $250 will be required with the balance paid by 24 August.